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"Success is not a compromise"

Choose Willowood Ventures Consulting Services and Dominic Scruggs for comprehensive and versatile consulting solutions that adapts to your dealership needs. With us, you benefit from the perfect blend of virtual convenience and in-person thoroughness. Whether you prefer the efficiency of digital meetings or the hands-on approach of face-to-face interaction, our dual-mode delivery ensures that your unique business requirements are met with expertise and flexibility. Trust in our dedication to your success no matter where you are, we bring our best to you.

Dominic Scruggs’s mesmerizing career in the automotive industry began with the spark of a youthful spirit and an infectiously optimistic smile. Originating from Greenwood, South Carolina, his tenacious DNA was forged through his parents’ commitment to hard work and pursuing dreams. With an education grounded in NCM taught principles and the literary accomplishment of authoring “Dealership Diaries,” Dominic has not only shaped his expertise but also shared it so you can experience the same direct results.



Earning accolades in Automotive News and commanding attention on influential podcasts, Dominic is recognized as a true connoisseur of the industry. His professional saga, starting as an enthusiastic 18-year-old, has blossomed over two decades into a trajectory marked by astonishing achievements. From the bustling sales floor as a high-performing salesman to operational excellence as a finance manager, by 26, Dominic had ascended to managing his first dealership, redefining success for himself and those he led. His dealer services have been listed as second to none.



Dominic’s patented, time-tested blueprint for dealership rejuvenation is a testament to the enduring power of knowledge and transformational leadership. In an industry where professional training is startlingly sparse, he acknowledged the immense potential lying dormant in dealership employees. Dominic now channels his passion toward enlightening these professionals, offering them the navigational tools to claim their own victories.



As a automotive consultant, Dominic’s quest is to empower dealership owners, managers, and united dealer groups alike, helping them carve out a victorious path in the competitive automotive marketing landscape. His philosophy is rooted in partnership and shared triumph; it’s about extending a guiding hand to those embarking on similar journeys he once tread.



Backed by the unyielding support of his wife and business partner, Anita, and their children, Dominic’s vision transcends personal success. He envisions a community where every automotive professional has the dream to excel, turning aspirations into tangible realities. Echoing the sentiment of Steven Spielberg, he motivates individuals to not only dream but to live their dreams daily.


Dominic Scruggs offers a conduit to success, fostering growth, prosperity, and unmatched industry acumen through his dealership consulting services. Let Dominic be the catalyst in your automotive narrative, transforming your business, your team, and your life.

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“Dealership Diary” by Dominic Scruggs is a candid exploration of the automotive industry, aiming to demystify its intricacies and provide practical guidance for those considering a career within it. Scruggs draws from personal experiences and insights, offering a comprehensive view from essential entry points to advanced strategies for success. Addressing the gap in truthful resources, the book delves into the hidden realities of the industry often overlooked by hiring managers. Through genuine accounts of triumphs and setbacks, Scruggs equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this dynamic field. With a mission to elevate the industry’s recognition and empower aspiring professionals, “Dealership Diary” is an invaluable resource for informed decision-making and career advancement in the automotive sector.

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