Using Automotive SEO to Boost Your Car Dealership’s Website

Car Dealership’s Website

Over 59% of potential car buyers research the car they want online before ever reaching out to a sales Car Dealership’s Website team member. They seek unique features like sunroofs, MPG, and omnidirectional cameras long before emailing or calling to book a test drive. Another 46% of online car searchers check out local businesses more than state, regional, or national dealerships.

Car Dealership’s Website
Car Dealership’s Website

If you want more traffic to your car dealer website, you must utilize automotive SEO (search engine optimization) tactics that boost your online presence, page rank, and overall consumer visibility. Our team at Willowood Ventures is proud to introduce a new SEO for car dealerships service designed to transform your digital strategy and drive outstanding results.

Car Dealership’s Website for  Automotive


SEO is a general term referring to all the strategies one might use to increase website visibility or move up a few notches on a Google search results page. Car dealer SEO is slightly different because it focuses on car dealership marketing. These keywords, on-page, and off-page tactics allow your site to dominate the results page.

Think about SEO this way. The top result on Google gets significantly more traffic than any of the rest. The closer you get to the top result, the more likely you’ll push inventory off the lot and grow your sales team figures.

The trick is utilizing a combination of technical SEO, local keywords, backlinking, and other strategies to ensure you are outpacing the best online car buying sites and receiving the most digital attention.


Core Components of Effective Car Dealership’s Website


At Willowood Ventures, we tailor every automotive SEO project to your unique needs. Maybe you have a line of new Toyotas that need to sell or want to focus on clients from a specific geographic area. We use the latest SEO techniques to ensure you remain highly competitive within your niche target audience. These can include several tactics like:

  • Car Dealer Website Optimization: Check site loading speed, mobile responsiveness, bounce rates, and enhance user engagement with quality content.
  • Local SEO: Focus on keywords and location-specific search terms so your showroom shows up the most in area search queries.
  • Content Marketing: Develop unique content that meets Google’s standards to better inform customers about products, answer questions, and position your local car dealerships as an authority.
  • Keyword Optimization: Infuse your website with keywords like “car dealership marketing” and “local car dealership” strategically to improve SERP (search engine results page).
  • Meta-data Optimization: Ensuring title tags, page descriptions, and even image alt-tags properly align with your keyword and SEO strategy.

We offer a full suite of inventive and proven automotive SEO tactics that blend perfectly with our other services. Imagine the difference boosting your SEO will make when you run a Facebook sales event or buyback initiative.


Measuring the Impact of Your SEO Efforts


Measuring the results is another crucial aspect of our bespoke car dealer SEO efforts. Knowing the impact of everything from keyword selection to A/B testing a new website headline helps inform us about what changes need tweaking and what others are successful.

When you work with Willowood Ventures, you receive a comprehensive service designed specifically for the automotive dealership industry. The better we can tailor these services to your fantastic car dealer website, the more likely you’ll receive a much-needed boost in qualified leads. Having functional data analytics and measurable SEO benchmarks in place is the best way to ensure our tactics effectively attract more potential buyers.


Ready to Get Started?


The next time you’re sitting in your dealership office wondering how to increase your sales figures, think of our team at Willowood Ventures. Our automotive SEO services may be the final tipping point you need to transform this month’s sales report into a stunning example of future success.

Reach out today to schedule a Zoom meeting with our professional car dealer SEO experts. We look forward to adapting our tried and true optimization strategies to your growing car dealership’s unique needs and online presence. Don’t let your competition outpace you online. Embrace the power of SEO and boost your client engagement today!

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