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Willowood Ventures empowers car dealerships with direct results. Explore our tailored dealer services for the automotive industry and sell more cars today. We offer Facebook Sales Event, targeted email campaigns, dealer buyback sales events, and more! We are a full service auto marketing agency. We focus on automotive digital advertising, and car dealer social media marketing to drive you unheard of traffic.

Drive Massive Traffic and Acquire Clean Trade in's with a Dealer Facebook Sales Event
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Stop Losing Market Share! What Could 150+ Additional Appointments Do For Your Store This Month?

Stop Losing Market Share! What Could 150+ Additional Appointments Do For Your Store This Month?

What are some auto marketing challenges causing negative dealer net profit performance? 


Did you know NADA states automotive digital marketing closes at a 216% higher rate? We offer Buyback Campaigns, Targeted Email
Campaigns, dealer social media ads including Facebook and Instagram car ads. You want direct mail? 
Done! Lead generation for car salesman? We have it covered. Let them sell the cars we will drive them there. WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!


Engage customers with personalized, targeted campaigns that resonate with their unique needs and preferences. Build long-term customer relationships and boost dealership sales with our expert social media marketing and lead generation techniques. Make automotive news with our auto marketing strategies! We strictly follow the 4 P’s of Advertising laws. Product, Price, Promotion, Place. We will make sure everyone in your market understands you as the authority on all 4 P’s.


Data is something there is a abundence of, look at a dealer product like NCM Axcessa it has everything in your business at your fingertips. Are you using it? Many automotive dealers struggle with effectively utilizing their data, leading to missed opportunities and costly inefficiencies. The lack of robust trade acquisition strategies and poor follow-up practices result in stale data, costing dealerships thousands in potential revenue. 

Gaps in Auto BDC

Efficacy gaps in automotive BDCs can hinder dealership performance and customer satisfaction. Issues like inefficient lead management and poor follow-up practices result in missed sales opportunities. Addressing these gaps with better BDC Training and targeted marketing strategies can significantly enhance direct results and net profit. Let us make you a united dealer partner with Willowood Ventures.


Buyback Campaigns? Email
Direct Mail?
Social Media? WE HAVE IT ALL!


Are you just waiting for drive?
by traffic? They are not
coming! Give me a week I will
get your customers engaged
quickly. They want a show, and we
will bring it to them!


Struggling to harness data
effectively to drive strategic
decisions and business growth
in the industry. We will find the
area’s of low hanging fruit to
get you to benchmark or


Encountering inefficiencies
that hinder the optimization of
business processes and hinder
sales performance. We help all
departments. Variable, ficed,
accounting, we recruit, train,
and we motivate.


Our services offer targeted SOLUTIONS to the challenges faced by the automotive industry. Fix your auto marketing today!

Join Willowood Ventures’ Facebook Sales Event to supercharge your dealership’s sales. Our targeted advertising and expert strategies drive high-quality leads and genuine car deals, ensuring maximum profitability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your sales with Willowood Ventures. 300 plus leads this week? 150+ appointments sound good? That’s for 1 WEEK! We will show you what the power of social media marketing for car dealers can do to your bottom-line. Do not miss any revenue opportunities! Sell More Cars with Willowood Ventures Today!

Willowood Ventures’ BDC services boost dealership sales through efficient lead management and targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our expert team ensures robust follow-up and data utilization to maximize trade acquisition and convert high-quality leads into sales. Partner with Willowood Ventures to achieve superior customer engagement, guaranteed appointment success, and increased profitability for your dealership. The 3 C’s of Marketing  are still alive and well and our BDC is trained to handle all three! Customer, Company and Competitors make up the 3 C’s of marketing and we are equipped to put you in position to win.

Willowood Ventures presents the groundbreaking Elite Buyback Sales Evens,  a powerful strategy to supercharge your dealership’s performance with over 150+ confirmed appointments set up in just 48 hours. Leveraging our world-class auto BDC team and cutting-edge Facebook and Instagram car ads, we’ll help you crush sales objectives, move old inventory, reduce floorplan costs, and acquire more trades effortlessly. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your sales approach and drive unprecedented profits for your dealership.

Automotive Digital Marking Has Changed Car Dealerships Forever!

Targeted Email Campaigns with ROI of 4400% can be the quickest way to profit in almost any store. The is a massive amount of untapped potential in 95% of car dealerships!

If your dealership lacks an effective automotive digital marketing strategy, you are falling behind your competitors and losing revenue. According to NADA, dealerships are spending more than half of their total advertising expenses online, highlighting the importance of a robust digital presence. Many dealerships are already leveraging advanced technology and hiring consultants to boost their sales. Will you? Social Media Advertising for car dealers is a great tool, but we suggest a strong digital dealer presence as well to dominate the market. At Willowood Ventures, we are committed to excellence, guiding car dealerships to sustainable success with tailored strategies that drive growth and profitability.

Our Passion Comes From ONLY YOUR WINS

No Smoke, No Mirrors, No Broken Promises. Only Direct Results.

Elevate Your Dealership’s Performance Now!

Choose Willowood Ventures as your trusted partner for dealer social media marketing and experience the unparalleled sales growth you’ve been looking for! Our Facebook Sales Event delivers huge ROI and the direct results from dealer services you expect. We will drive internet leads higher than EVER and our talented automotive BDC will confirm HUNDREDS of appointments like clockwork. 

Unlock the Full Benefits of Partnering with Willowood Ventures for Your Dealership's Success!

See How Willowood Ventures Transforms Dealerships with Tailored Marketing Strategies

Facebook Sales Event Dealer Campaigns

Willowood Ventures’ Facebook Sales Event is designed to dramatically boost your dealership’s performance. By leveraging targeted Facebook advertising, we can generate over 300 high-quality leads in just one week. Our proven strategies ensure that at least 150 of these leads convert into appointments, with an impressive 73% appointment show rate. This means more genuine interactions with potential buyers and increased sales opportunities. Being a united dealer partner with Willowood Ventures not only enhances your dealership’s visibility but also guarantees a significant rise in profitability, efficient lead management, and much, much more.

Expertise You Can Trust. Real Car Guys!

With over 20 years of dedicated experience in the automotive industry, Willowood Ventures is a auto advertising agency by car dealers, for car dealers. Our team of real car guys understands the unique challenges and opportunities within the car business. We leverage our extensive knowledge, training from NCM and NADA dealer academy and hands-on experience to craft targeted marketing strategies that drive exceptional results. Whether it’s through Facebook and Instagram advertising, lead generation, or data-driven trade acquisition, our expertise ensures your dealership achieves unparalleled success and profitability. Trust in our legacy of excellence to elevate your dealership’s performance.

Dominate Your PMA

If your dealership needs a sales boost, Willowood Ventures’ dealer advertising just makes sense. Consider our 2-day Social Media Event Special at $3995, which guarantees 30 set appointments. Let’s break it down: with a conservative 60% show ratio, that’s 18 potential customers walking into your dealership. Assuming a 50% close rate (your better than that I know) you’re looking at 9 sales. With an average PVR of $3500, that’s $31,500 in gross revenue before doc and pack. Even with an average performance, you will see a 688% ROI from this event! Don’t miss out on this opportunity; book a call now and see direct results within 24 hours. Set up a call today by clicking the link below!


No Need to Wait. Become a Elite digital dealer and Dominate Now!

History is written by the victors. What will your story be?

I Want To WIN!
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