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Dominic Scruggs NCM GMEP Graduate, author of bestselling book Dealership Diary

About the CEO Dominic Scruggs


Meet Dominic Scruggs: Transforming the Automotive Industry


Dominic Scruggs’s journey in the automotive industry is a testament to passion, perseverance, and expertise. Born in Greenwood, South Carolina, Dominic’s career began at 18, driven by an enthusiasm that would shape his remarkable trajectory over two decades.


Starting as a high-performing salesman, Dominic quickly rose through the ranks. His customer-centric approach and innate understanding of the automotive market led him to excel as a finance manager. By 26, Dominic had achieved a significant milestone – managing his first dealership, a testament to his leadership skills and innovative thinking.

Dominic’s experiences and insights culminated in the publication of his book, “Dealership Diary,” a comprehensive guide for success in the automotive industry. His expertise has been recognized in Automotive News, and he’s become a sought-after guest on influential industry podcasts.


At the core of Dominic’s success is his patented blueprint for dealership rejuvenation. This unique methodology addresses a critical gap in the industry – the lack of comprehensive professional training for dealership employees. Dominic’s approach empowers professionals with the tools and knowledge to excel, driving business success.

Today, Dominic Scruggs is one of the most respected automotive consultants in the industry. His clientele ranges from individual dealership owners to united dealer groups, all seeking to navigate the complex landscape of automotive marketing and sales. Dominic’s consulting philosophy is rooted in partnership and shared success, working alongside clients to implement strategies and adapt to market changes.


Backed by his family, including his wife and business partner Anita, Dominic’s vision extends beyond personal success. He aims to transform the automotive industry, creating opportunities for every professional to excel and for dealerships to operate at peak efficiency.


Whether through his book “Dealership Diary,” consulting services, or speaking engagements, Dominic offers a pathway to success in the automotive world. His blend of hands-on experience, innovative strategies, and passion for empowering others makes him a transformative force in the industry.


For those looking to elevate their dealership, enhance team performance, or gain invaluable insights into automotive sales and marketing, Dominic Scruggs is the catalyst that can turn aspirations into achievements. Join Dominic on this journey of growth and unmatched industry acumen, and let his expertise drive your success in the dynamic world of automotive sales and marketing.M

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“Dealership Diary” by Dominic Scruggs is a candid exploration of the automotive industry, aiming to demystify its intricacies and provide practical guidance for those considering a career within it. Scruggs draws from personal experiences and insights, offering a comprehensive view from essential entry points to advanced strategies for success. Addressing the gap in truthful resources, the book delves into the hidden realities of the industry often overlooked by hiring managers. Through genuine accounts of triumphs and setbacks, Scruggs equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this dynamic field. With a mission to elevate the industry’s recognition and empower aspiring professionals, “Dealership Diary” is an invaluable resource for informed decision-making and career advancement in the automotive sector.

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