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Why a Automotive BDC is a MUST HAVE!

Business Development Center - Why A BDC is the game changer for your automotive dealership marketing.

At Willowood Ventures, we specialize in enhancing dealership appointment bookings through targeted Automotive BDC solutions. Recognizing that success begins with a high-caliber team, we provide industry-leading training and development programs for dealership BDC agents to optimize their performance. Elevate your dealership’s lead management and follow-up practices with Willowood Ventures. Let’s drive your success and deliver direct results with your auto bdc.

Eliminate Missed Opportunities Establish
An Onsite Automotive BDC... Today!

BDC Internet Marketing For Car Dealers Done Right!

As a dealer, you invest in hundreds of leads for your location every single month. Imagine that you can finally yield a return on that monthly lead investment, by having a professionally trained team to properly manage each and every one of those leads! What’s the use of purchasing leads if no one is going to contact and appoint them to the dealership?

Welcome to an opportunity to teach and build your very own team of professionals to effectively manage your lead and phone opportunities by setting appointments that show up and buy! If you are wondering what the missing link is in your store, consider that you are missing opportunities because you don’t have an effective BDC.

The BDC is all about establishing accountability and Willowood Ventures will proudly and effectively guide you and your new BDC team to revolutionizing your sales and customer engagement to yield appointments that show up and buy cars. With our comprehensive BDC Training & Implementation support services, we are your partners in not just reaching but exceeding your growth targets. Join our united dealer groups who have focused on BDC Training and made the change to a true digital dealer!


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No More Missed Leads. BDC is a Gamechanger for NET PROFIT!

Stop paying for leads that no one manages! A All in one sales and service BDC helps to manage and respond to dealer internet leads generated from 3rd party lead providers as well as various other sources such as online inquiries, phone calls, walk-ins and much more. No more missing opportunities! You must think big in the digital dealer age. A local bdc isn't enough or even statewide or countrywide. You need to be a worldwide BDC to cover the needs of your customers.


Eliminate poor dealer CSI. Need Dynamic BDC Results? BDC Agents are the 1st introduction customers get to your dealership.

Tired of hearing that your customers are not completely satisfied, or that they purchased elsewhere? Your BDC department will enhance customer service by handling inquiries, scheduling appointments and providing accurate information, all while improving the overall customer experience which results in a dynamic CSI! Mesh several roles! We will even show you how to turn your BDC into dealership lead generators!

Optimize Inventory for Car Sales Success

Automotive Salesman are Not BDC Agents, Stop Trying!

Still trying to figure out why your sales process feels broken? A random car dealership guy cannot handle the leads. You need a trained dynamic, proactive BDC. The BDC department is the missing and necessary component capable of assisting the sales team by obtaining critical information during the initial conversation with the customer, confirming appointments, nurturing leads and much more... all of which leads to higher conversion rates.

Dealer Services

Become Efficient! Expert Internet Marketing for Car Dealers!

No more trying to figure out who will handle the many tasks you have in your CRM tool! BDC's focus on specific tasks allows the BDC to shine as experts in setting appointments that show up so that the sales team can do what they do best and that is... Sell Cars! Let us handle your bdc auto dealer services.

Effective Dealership Direct Mail Strategies

Database Management and Dealership Lead Generation

Tired of guessing which lead sources are working for you and which are not worth the investment? The BDC will maintain customer datebases by ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information is added to your systems, allowing you to make best decisions relative to marketing and sales support.

Achieve direct results with Willowood Ventures BDC services, including offsite and in-store solutions, hiring, training, recruiting, lead generation, and Facebook ad management.

Save Money on Dealership Marketing with Willowood Ventures BDC Dealer Services

Imagine a 75% SHOW RATE! Automotive BDC Training Done Right!

We Teach Your Team Accountability So That You Begin To Manage Leads Effectively! Our internet Marketing for Car Dealers is Unmatched, so should your BDC!

This isn’t a fairy tale; it’s what we deliver, surpassing the outdated methods and expectations for sales persons to handle calls. Make a decision to invest in you and establish a professional team to handle your leads to double your traffic without wasting your advertising dollars.

We Teach You To Produce Sales Dynamic

We Teach You To Produce Sales RESULTS with Your NEW BDC!

Everything needed to get customers in the door...

Ready to buy!

Meet Kimberly Harding: #1 BDC TRAINER

Your Automotive BDC Powerhouse

We train the best agents in the automotive industry and we guarantee your dealership results.

Can you imagine a 20% close rate from the internet department?
What about a single digit
response time? Even better what if I can teach your team to be lead generators and to hold
your sales desk accountable for what happens with showroom traffic. All this is as easy as
picking up the phone and starting the relationship

Today is the 1st step to BDC RESULTS!

Greetings! Kimberly Harding here, a North Carolina native with a passion for revving up car sales. Over the past two decades, I’ve built a reputation for driving exceptional results in the automotive industry, specializing in creating high-performance Business Development Centers. I’ve helped numerous dealerships boost their volume by up to 300% through strategic BDC implementation.


I am your personal BDC coach and consultant. Whether you need to set up a BDC from scratch, train your existing team, or revamp your entire sales process, Willowood Ventures has you covered. 

  • Is your sales team too overwhelmed with closing deals to be bothered with following up on leads?
  • Feeling the pressure of missed sales opportunities and inconsistent customer interactions at your dealership? 
  • Struggling with sluggish sales and maximizing lead conversion rates in an increasingly competitive car market? 

If so, you’re not alone. Many dealerships are dealing with the challenge of balancing the need to sell cars along with finding qualified leads to stay afloat. However, even with all of your efforts to right the ship, you’re still not seeing the results you desire.

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Export Sales

Inbound Phone

Response Time

Allow The Best Industry Leaders TO

Establish Your BDC Today!

Discover How You Can Establish A BDC Team that Successfully Manages Your Leads and Phone Opportunities to Set Up Appointments To Get BUYERS Into Your SHOWROOM now!

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BDC Mastery

At Willowood Ventures, we are the masters of booking high-quality appointments for automotive BDCs. With our proven track record and expertise in dealership bdc, we guarantee we can double your close rate. Say goodbye to low traffic and say hello to reduced aged inventory, and increased grosses. Join us and experience the best dealer solution for putting together an automotive BDC with Willowood Ventures!

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Expert Training

We have our own published scripts, and patented training that is world-class in the automotive sector. We are masters at handling objections, sales process and closing techniques. You are in good hands with Wollowood Ventures. Do you need help in digital texting? How about instagram for car dealers, or Facebook ads for dealers? Have you ever thought about a buyback program? Our inhouse BDC handles all those campaigns and more. Let us tell you how you can add hundreds of thousand to the bottom line!

Automotive Dealer Services

Results Driven

Our goal is simple – to help your dealership excel! We will analyze your current sales process, pinpoint areas for improvement, and create a tailored game plan to boost your bottom line. We will find the problem before it becomes a problem. We are a proactive dealer solution who always produces the dynamic results you want in your BDC.

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Let's be honest do the leads really suck? Is it time to get a professional automotive BDC to handle it right?

BDC Representative Recruit and Training Services

No more worries about finding good people to staff your new BDC. Our BDC staffing professionals will recruit and train the right people for a good fit in your dealership environment. This way we ensure that you attract and retain top talent. This service is time and cost saving for you and definitely streamlines the hiring process allowing you to launch to success quickly!

Real Appointments!

With proper implementation, your team will become skilled auto bdc agents  who secure appointments and learn how to confirm at high levels. Just some stats for you. Avg BDC closes in the single digits, 8% is average. What id you was closing at double that rate. How much could you cut in advertising, how much gross would that put on the bottom line? What would the direct result be? We all love a car bdc but without training direction, and a SOP to follow they are nothing but an expense. Let us give them purpose and build you a world-class bdc.

Accelerate Auto Marketing Results

What is a bdc at a car dealership? Sure they make calls, answer emails, dealership facebook ads, answer calls, but do they do it well are they trained? There is no such this as a worldwide bdc that is ready to dominate on day one. Thats where Willowood Ventures comes in. As featured in Automotive News we are the best for BDC hiring, training , and recruiting. We have helped dozens of dealer groups establish bdc’s that are ready to dominate the PMA. Car dealers first introduction to the customer is from a BDC let us give you the direct results you need.  


Willowood recruiting and training services can tailor to meet your individual dealership needs, making it easier to adapt to changing business conditions. Let us create and customize the team that works best for your location. Automotive BDC is a different animal, call center experience is not enough you need a dealer pro! We have dealer services for any need, including ppc for car dealers, automotive direct mail, Facebook event sales with automotive inventory ads. All our services offer direct results. So when you ask what is a bdc at a car dealership, start with us. 

Cost Of Trained Professionals Leading Your Business to Profitability? (PRICELESS)

Have you ever tried to implement a phone strategy, or even your own BDC with no success? Have you counted on salespeople to follow leads and found that they make no calls and yield no results? Let us assist you with adding a training a team that will lower your ad spend and increase your closing ratio!

Plus, You Get These


Willowood Ventures Consulting

FREE Training Manuals

We are not just a auto advertising agency we offer FREE Training manuals loaded with scripts, activities and information and guides for managing your front end, when you purchase the BDC Implementation program. The book contains valuable information that you can't afford to miss out on... guaranteed to yield results for your student BDRs and Sales Team.

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Access to Dealership Diaries

Get access to the just released top seller that focuses on the proper introduction to the automotive business. That's right if you need the key to success this book by the CEO of Willowood Ventures Dominic Scruggs is a must-read! A dealer marketing services expert this book is a game changer for bdc promotions.

Car Automotive Consulting

Access to BDC Ongoing Support

Get additional virtual monthly support for your new BDC team. You can opt to have our team send monthly reporting and supportive webinars to ensure ongoing growth and support of your BDC. We are the best choice for the internet marketing car dealer. Combine these with our Facebook dealer ads and the dealer services we offer, you

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Our Previous Customers

Transform Your Dealership BDC with Willowood Ventures!

“Dominic understands customer or more specifically dealer service like none other. He will find what your needs are and make sure the campaign will execute your vision. I don’t know anyone else who understands technology and targeted demographics quite like Dominic. He is a difference maker.”

Darric Sewell

Director of Merger and Aquisitions- Gill Automotive Group LLC

Need a automotive BDC? Call Dominic Scruggs Wyn Bowden Mcclinton Chevrolet speaks on his experience with Dominic Scruggs! Proactive Dealer solutions are here.

“As the owner of a multi-store Group, Willowood Ventures has been a game-changer. I’ve seen a significant uptick in not just leads, sales, and showroom visits, but VDP’s as well, since the campaign launched. The targeted approach they employ really manages to help the dealer accelerate their month. 

Wyn Bowden

COO & Partner- McClinton Auto Group

Transform Your Dealership with Willowood Ventures! A proactive dealer solution. A worldwide bdc company

“I have seen many dealers through the years hesitant and was initially skeptical about investing in a social media-based campaign, but Willowood Ventures proves its worth everytime. They delivered a polished and effective event bdc promotions, reaching out to potential buyers beyond our usual geographic scope. The subsequent sales boost justified every penny spent on the campaign.”

Jamie Davis

Director of Merger and Aquisitions- Gill Automotive Group LLC

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