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Imagine a 700% ROI In Less Than A Week!!! Find Out Why We are the #1 Fastest Growing Automotive Ad Agency!

Automotive Dealership Consulting by Willowood Ventures

Solving Your Dealership's Problems...

..in one simple solution. Find our how our Instagram & Facebook dealer ad's are gamechangers!

Do These Dealership Problems Sound Familiar?
Don't Get Mad
Get Even!

Manufacturer shoving vehicles down the pipeline? 👨‍💼

Rising floorplan costs? 💰

Rising interest rates? 💹

Undesirable consumer credit? 💳

Lowering PVRs? ⤵

Lower net profit? ↘

No used car inventory? 🚗

How much of that can you tackle with one automotive solution?
How expensive would it be to do so? Let’s look at each issue and the problem behind it.


Need To Sell Some New Cars? We Have Ads For That!


We have ads to serve any type of customer, any type of brand, any OEM. You give us your vision, we will give you results! All placements during Facebook Sales Event now includes automotive instagram Ads FREE of Charge!

Book Appointments with Facebook Messenger

Willowood Ventures Facebook Sales Event - Drive Sales with Targeted Facebook Ads and Expert Management

How to Sell Cars Using Facebook Messenger & Facebook Sales Event

Electrifying Facebook and Instagram Sales Events

Ready to amplify your dealership’s success? Our electrifying Facebook and Instagram Sales Events at Willowood Ventures are tailored to attract over 300 hot leads within a week! Get ready to experience an influx of potential customers eager to do business with you. Picture your showroom brimming with interested buyers, excited to drive off in their dream cars.

Maximize Your Sales with Willowood Ventures

Imagine your calendar packed with over 150 confirmed appointments, all thanks to Willowood Ventures’ powerful Facebook and Instagram Sales Events. Wave goodbye to slow days and empty test drives, and say hello to a buzzing showroom filled with enthusiastic prospects. With our proven track record of delivering remarkable results, you can trust us to supercharge your business and elevate it to new heights.

How Your Dealership Should be Using Facebook to Sell More Cars

Our targeted Facebook and Instagram ads reach in-market car buyers, ensuring your promotions hit the right audience at the right time. Don’t miss out on the sales-boosting journey of a lifetime. Trust Willowood Ventures to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost your sales like never before.

Get ready to witness the transformative impact of our tailored strategies firsthand. Buckle up and let Willowood Ventures propel your dealership to unprecedented success!

Car Automotive Consulting
Willowood Ventures Custom Digital Advertising
Willo Wood Ventures

The Willowood Ventures team will create social media ads for your dealership. These customers are targeted using intent data from partner

Car Automotive Consulting
Connect with Customers Through Messanger
Generate Compelling and Interesting Content. Facebook is a Great Way to Engage the Prospects That Liked Your Page and Your Dealership, and Are Therefore Expecting to Hear from You. While You May Also Have a Blog, You Should Be Sharing Your Content on Social Media Outlets to Increase Your Reach.

In-market shoppers are presented with aggressive, hard-hitting Facebook & Instagram ads in their live feed, requesting a call to action that will direct them to our in-house live BDC, staffed by automotive professionals whose main goal is to set appointments and gather hot leads.

Car Automotive Consulting
Dynamic BDC Results! 73% Appointment Show Rate!
Drive Automotive Results with Meta Technologies

Our professional BDC team manages those incoming leads to set firm appointments. Our BDC is motivated by their pay plan & customers are motivated by our hard-hitting social media event ads and razor-sharp inventory retargeting ads. Real Paying Customers arrive at your dealership... READY TO BUY! Live BDC working from 8:00am – 10:00pm EST 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Study Case Huge Gross! Amazing ROI with Facebook Sales Events

We Give You Solutions!

Everything Needed To Get Customers In The Door… Ready To Buy!

Automotive Marketing

Dealer Branded

Nothing cookie cutter here. Unique Ad's for your store, your market, your brand!

Automotive Consulting

Stop Fighting
At The Auction

Our sales are designed to get buyers to trade vehicles. We love buyback campaigns particularly. Our events typically have a 77% Trade in Ratio.

Automotive Consulting

Stop The Pain Of Floorplan

Only 2 ways out. Sell out or quit ordering. Only one is the right answer!

Car Automotive Consulting

No Gift Seekers!
Only Buyers!

We don't give away any watches, no giveaways! Only car deals!

Automotive Consulting

Huge Returns

Grosses like 2022! You will get buyers who are only in the market due to the event. The customers will not have read the script! Happy selling!

Automotive Consulting

Net Profit

Lower floorplan carrying cost, higher grosses, low ad spend = NET

Car Automotive Consulting

Save Thousands
Over Tradional
Ad Spend

We are a third of a cost of direct mail or television to produce cleaner and better results. No after-sale heat. No crew coming in. Your people, 100% Your Gross!

Automotive Consulting

Manage Your Leads

Own your market, be the dominate player for a week. Everytime a customer picks up their phone they will see YOU!

Automotive Marketing


Newer staff struggling with tougher customers? Give them a moral boost. Skyrocket confidence level with huge traffic, and a different customer in the showroom. They will love the buyback event.


Watch To See How Dominic Scruggs & The Facebook Sales Event Bring Buyers into Showrooms Across The Country!

Client Reviews

Checkout These Reviews From Our Previous Customers

Transform Your Dealership Bdc with Willowood Ventures!

“Dominic understands customer service like none other. He will find what your needs are and make sure the campaign will execute your vision. I don’t know anyone else who understands technology and targeted demographics quite like Dominic. He is a difference maker. The Facebook Sales Event and the conquest email was a gamechanger for me. He’s a part of my permanent marketing plan now. 

Darric Sewell

Director of Merger and Aquisitions- Gill Automotive Group LLC

Need a Automotive Bdc? Call Dominic Scruggs Wyn Bowden Mcclinton Chevrolet Speaks on His Experience with Dominic Scruggs! Proactive Dealer Solutions Are Here.

“As the owner of a multi-store Group, Willowood Ventures has been a game-changer. I’ve seen a significant uptick in not just leads, sales, and showroom visits, but VDP’s as well, since the campaign launched. These are the best Facebook dealer ads I have ever seen. The targeted approach they employ really manages to capture the right audience’s attention.”

Wyn Bowden

COO & Partner- McClinton Auto Group

Transform Your Dealership with Willowood Ventures! a Proactive Dealer Solution. a Worldwide Bdc Company

“I have seen many dealers through the years hesitant and was initially skeptical about investing in a social media-based campaign, but Willowood Ventures proves its worth everytime. They delivered a polished and effective event promotion, reaching out to potential buyers beyond our usual geographic scope. The subsequent sales boost justified every penny spent on the campaign.”

Jamie Davis

Director of Merger and Aquisitions- Gill Automotive Group LLC

How Auto Dealers Are Selling More Cars with Digital Strategies and Social Advertising
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Digital and Mobile Are Fundamentally Changing the Experience of Researching and Purchasing a Car. Your Social Media Profile is One of the First Places That Potential Customers Go Before Making a Purchasing Decision, and Your Dealership Can Show off Your Brand and Earn Trust and by Consistently Sharing Relevant and Engaging Content on Social Media.
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Hidden Benefits! Get ALL the net profit You deserve

Deliver the Right Vehicle to the Right Shopper with Dynamic Facebook & Instagram Ads
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We Help Car Dealerships Grow Their Businesses Predictably with Our Proven Digital Ad Tech System.
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Here's Everything You Get!

BDC Representatives
($4995 Value)

Elevate your dealership’s sales potential with the Willowood Ventures Facebook Sales Event. Our skilled specialists are masters in BDC follow-up, setting genuine appointments that bring ready-to-buy customers through your doors. 

Mass market to 100,000 – 500,000 Facebook & Instagram users per week!

Achieve direct results with Willowood Ventures BDC services, including offsite and in-store solutions, hiring, training, recruiting, lead generation, and Facebook ad management.

Real Appointments! Dynamic RESULTS!

Maximize your sales with Willowood Ventures’ Facebook sales event services, including lead generation, targeted ads, and customer engagement strategies. Our data team builds audiences based on your dealership DMS and CRM data sets.

Innovative and Customized Direct Response Marketing Campaigns That Produce Positive Results
#site_title Dealer Services

Lets Talk Numbers!

Facebook Sales Event’s are winning!

Custom Dealer Theme Creation ($2997 Value)

A custom dealer-branded theme created centering your market, your brand your store needs! We will push your goals, your success is our only priority. We are a turn-key solution!

Automotive Dealership Consulting

Cost Of Experience? (Priceless)

At Willowood Ventures, we’re not just another dealership. We’re seasoned professionals who intimately understand the automotive industry. Backed by a two-decade retail industry veteran, our team operates with the precision of GMs, GSMs, and BDC directors from the top 20 dealer groups nationwide.


But here’s the difference: We don’t settle for mere website traffic.


We’re committed to delivering consistent car deals month after month, week after week, and day after day. When you partner with us, you’re not alone in the fight. We’re car salespeople first and foremost, dedicated to your success.

Discover the Willowood Ventures advantage – where industry expertise meets results-driven strategies. Let’s drive your dealership forward together! Get the best bdc in automotive.

Digital Marketing Automotive Agency

Willowood Ventures is a World-renowned Institution Renowned for Its Authentic and Transformative Automotive and Business Coaching Services.

Not an "Ad Agency"

We are a customer provider run by dealership car guys for car guys. We are owned by a two-decade retail industry veteran and operated by management with GM, GSM, and BDC director experience in top 20 dealer groups nationwide. Yes, we can drive in traffic, but we know that isn’t good enough. You need car deals! We will deliver them! 

Enter the Facebook Sales Event:

A targeted and high-impact marketing campaign specifically designed for car dealerships . This comprehensive solution tackles the problems faced by dealerships head-on. By leveraging geo-targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram , this event generates highly relevant leads from individuals actively looking to purchase a vehicle. To ensure prompt engagement with leads and efficient appointment setting, a dedicated Business Development Center (BDC) operates from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST seven days a week.

  • Prioritizes high-quality leads over gimmicks or giveaways
  • Targets a large and specific audience to enhance brand visibility and recognition
  • Business Development Center (BDC): Manages initial customer interactions and collects vital data
  • Ensures efficient follow-up communication to foster stronger customer relationships
  • Skilled appointment setting enhances the probability of potential buyers visiting the dealership and making purchases

The Event and Engagement Experts.



Dominate the PMA with our offer




Elevate your reach for




Unleash the pinnacle of dealer advertising power for



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions. Digital marketing for car dealerships done right!

Yes! We will not run multiple events in the same market at the same time with competitive brands.

Managed by an industry veteran with 20 years experience as a General Manager and multiple dealership roles, our operation isn’t your typical dealership marketing agency event.

Created by dedicated car professionals for car professionals, our focus goes beyond mere marketing; we aim to pack your showroom floor with serious buyers, not gift hunters. Our Facebook dealer ads are designed for you to sell more cars today! Expect fresh faces, customers at the outset of their buying journey, not long-term researchers. Seize this chance for a return on investment that promises substantial profit margins and direct results.

Once the outreach is made by the customer using our patented techniques to reach the masses, our BDC team will get name, number and email from all customers. We will then ensure a followup call is made to confirm the appointment as well. This helps contribute to our high appointment show ratio which has been as high as 71%.

Any! Domestic, luxury, import. Any market, and brand, and setup we have a solution for YOU! Most things are universal, every store needs trades, every store needs appointments, and every store needs more traffic! We will make it happen. If you want a buyback event, factory matching oem event, or you have your own idea we can make it happen.

There always is! There are cheaper alternatives, but we are the BEST. PERIOD! If you want direct results from pros we are the team. All the packages are great. Silver is dipping your toe in. You will feel the water. Gold, you are about waist deep, you are having fun for sure. If you want to ride the wave, pick Platinum. Choose wisely. 

We need 24-48 hours only to be the most effective. We prefer to do market research and do A/B testing with our ad sets to give you the most impressive results possible, but we can begin immediately if that is needed.

Yes there is! If you want to run multiple stores simultaneously we can offer a discount. Please give us a call at 833-735-5998 to discuss your options. We will do what it takes to be your digital marketing and social marketing agency of choice.

Car Automotive Consulting

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