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Financial Review – Expense Reduction – Recruiting – Fixed Operations Solutions

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At Willowood Ventures, we offer a service with a successful track record, meticulously customized to address your specific requirements through a detailed analysis of your dealership’s operations and by collaborating with your management team to craft effective solutions.

Identify Growth Opportunities

The consultant initiates a comprehensive evaluation with the dealer or General Manager to grasp the principal challenges facing the dealership and the goals of the In-Dealership Consultation. Regardless of the scale, whether it involves a single department or an entire dealership group, our aim is to enhance your management capabilities.

Study the Facts Priot to Visit

We will measure you against your contemporaries. Similar market , similar brands.

Meet and Greet. Managment Staff & Key Personel

During the on-site visit, the consultant collaborates with the management team to conduct a thorough business assessment to evaluate performance metrics. By benchmarking your departmental operations against NADA's top-performing standards and outcomes, potential areas for improvement and untapped revenue prospects are identified.

Plan of Attack. Keep it simple!

The consultant presents a selection of established best practices, successfully utilized at other dealerships, for your management team to adopt and integrate into a bespoke action plan.

Review the Results

The consultant provides a range of tried-and-true best practices, drawn from successful applications in various dealerships, for your management team to consider and embed within a tailored strategic action plan.

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Attaining remarkable outcomes with businesses and clients across the globe via Scenario Planning, Technology Innovation, Strategy, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development.

Single Session Package:

Priced at $350 per hour, this package provides a concentrated, one-hour consulting session for immediate, targeted advice and action items.

Monthly Retainer:

For a comprehensive approach, consider our monthly retainer at $1,899, which includes six one-hour sessions. These can be utilized for executive coaching or strategic planning sessions. Remove the uncertainty in decision-making – I am here to assist you in uncovering solutions, fostering growth, and jointly constructing your business empire.


Willowood Ventures’ In-Dealership Consulting service delivers time-tested best practices from an array of dealerships straight to your doorstep, all within a framework crafted to boost profits sustainably and affordably. Our service, backed by proven results, is customized to your unique situation by thoroughly examining your dealership’s operations and actively involving your management team in forging the right solutions. The methodology is straightforward — uncover untapped profit prospects and innovative ideas that might have been overlooked, rectify inefficiencies with enduring processes and best practices, and implement the developed solutions with the full support and commitment of your managerial team.


Fix Only What is Broke:

Address inefficiencies with enduring solutions and best practices that deliver lasting results for Willowood Ventures Consulting clients.

Go Digging:

Discover untapped avenues for profitability and innovative concepts that have yet to come to your attention with Willowood Ventures Consulting.


Implement strategically devised solutions with the endorsement and engagement of your management team at Willowood Ventures Consulting.

What Other Dealers Are Saying

"Working with Dominic has been amazing. He may be one of the most dymamic people I've met in the car industry."

Thomas Gabriel C.I.O
Automotive Consulting

"I have seen him thrive in every situation possible in this industry. He has a thirst for knowledge that fuels his success."

Darric Sewell Dealer Principal
Become a Market Leader in Car Sales with Willowood Ventures'

"A true force. I enjoy every moment I have to learn from Dominic. He has a passion for teaching. His industry knowledge, connections, and foresight is unparralled."

Virginia McClinton-Bowden Dealer Principal
Become a Market Leader in Car Sales with Willowood Ventures'

"A pleasure to work with, a joy to be around. I have seen many stores failing before he set foot in the doors. A few months later, you couldn't recognize the place. He understands analytics, people, and most importantly, business. He is the best of the best. "

Jamie Davis Director of Merger and Acquisitions
Become a Market Leader in Car Sales with Willowood Ventures'

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Automotive Dealership Consulting by Willowood Ventures



Single Day

1 Day Visit to Store- Sales-BDC Training Talent Observation


Travel Expense Not Included. To Be Paid By Dealer.

Long term

More than a Week-Long Project? Lets Schedule a Call.


Price will depend on scope of project. Travel Expense Not Included. To Be Paid By Dealer.

One Week

In store for 5 Day's. Get a more in depth experience with more one on one facetime


Travel Expense Not Included. To Be Paid By Dealer.

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